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Malbis Chiropractic has been working with Spanish Fort residents for years, helping reduce their pain with noninvasive, nonsurgical treatments.

We can help reduce stress and muscle tension

Aside from the techniques that are designed to relieve pain, Malbis Chiropractic also practices techniques designed for relaxation. Contact us today to learn how we can help you de-stress your mind and your muscles.

Who We Are

If you're having joint or spinal problems in Spanish Fort, AL, you need a chiropractor who can help relieve your pain and muscle tension. At Malbis Chiropractic, we're trained to provide you the treatment your body needs.

Holistic Care

Every patient has a different situation. We'll balance your wants with what your body needs, making sure we're relieving pain in the short-term and preparing you for a happy, healthy, long-term future.


We're constantly helping patients live their best lives. Let us help you!


We're licensed practitioners with the skills needed to handle your care.


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“Skilled, caring professionals. State-of-the arts equipment. I had a debilitating ear ache that persisted for over a year. Doctors examinations found no problem with my ear and I was actually diagnosed as having migraine headaches located in ear area. Medications helped temporarily, but ear ache always came back. Malbis Chiropractic was able to determine and fix the source of my ear ache. The pain was caused by a misalignment in my neck and upper back. After two months of treatments, I am so happy to say, my ear is 'pain free.' Due to an automobile accident years ago, I had a spinal fusion (L4 and L5). I continue to go to Malbis Chiropractic monthly for maintenance. Their massage therapist is wonderful! A very welcome, affordable member of their staff. Thank you Malbis Chiropractic.”

Sarah Creech

“Dr. Meredith, Jim, and Carla are some of the friendliest and caring staff I’ve ever encountered. I have been going to Malbis Chiropractic for a couple of years due to my scoliosis and Dr Meredith goes out of her way to make sure that I get a treatment that works for me..”

Kali Bryant

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